Livestock Insurance

Livestock Insurance

Two main types of livestock insurance can be distinguished, as on the one hand, insurance companies can cover risks of deaths due to natural disasters and elemental damage, and on the other hand, can also cover deaths due to illness and accidents.

Besides the above two aspects that are similar insurers usually have different products

– insurance of poultry flocks (to cover the death or forced slaughter of farmed poultry species, such as chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys);

– insurance of little ones and animals for fattening (compensation for the death or forced slaughter of little ones and animals for fattening in cse of farm animals such as goats, cattle, pigs, sheep);

– insurance of breeding animals (provides compensation in case of death or forced slaughter of horses, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs);

– insurance of horses (especially,horses of high value). This type of insurance is used to insure horses for hobby and horses kept for sports purposes and is able to cover not only fire and elemental damage as well as the risk of illness and accident, among other things but also the below risks:

o Calving risk;

o Transport risk;

o Competition risk;

o Veterinary treatment costs;

o The responsibility of the keeper.