Liability issues

Liability issues

The activities of our partners are of a very colorful spectrum, each activity involves different operational processes and liability risks, thus defining the appropriate versions for each company requires a lot of attention. Below we describe very briefly the main types of liability insurance providing accurate information about them.

General liability insurance: during the performance of the insured activity the Contractor causes personal injury or property damage to a third party (ie a non-contractual partner or a contractual partner not related to the performance of the contracted activity) for which he is liable under applicable law.

Employer’s liability insurance: the Insurer releases the Policyholder from the liability for damages originated from the occupational accidents and punitive damages relative to his employees for which he is liable in accordance with the applicable Hungarian law.



Service Provider Liability Insurance: provides coverage for damages caused by the Policyholder / Insured in the course of insured activities. In some justified cases many insurance companies finds it necessary to extend the insurance to the damage caused in the subject of the service, if it is not a part of the basic coverage but a necessity originated from the nature of the activity. With a few exceptions damage caused during loading and unloading, among other things, are to be treated separately.

Product liability insurance: it is to compensate for personal injury or property damage caused by the products manufactured by the Insured (product liability may also apply to the distributed products, but this is not typical). If the manufactured product is integrated into another product, it is necessary (except for some insurers) to indicate this fact and to apply the extended product liability.

Tenant Liability Insurance: allows you to indemnify for damage caused in your capacity as a tenant

– Landlord’s liability insurance: allows for liability compensation in the capacity of landlord

Pollution liability insurance: it covers damage related to environmental pollution and environmental damage, but the conditions of individual insurers show significant differences, so the scope of the insurance they provide also differs greatly!


In addition to the elements of the above list, there are, of course, a number of liability insurance methods addressing specific risks but we feel like not streching the framework of above general descriptions with their extension. Of course, this does not mean, however, that we are not at disposal of our clients with these methods (as some of them are described in detail in our industry-independent solutions)!