Individual customer management and innovation

In the course of our work, we often come across expensive and inadequately drafted contracts that contain only apparent solutions – and their shortcomings are only revealed in the event of damage.

We do not accept that the insurance must be the necessary bad thing during the operation and management of a company! We believe that our solutions can be advanced tools  handling as much of the actual threats assessed and arising from our partners’ activities as possible, so that we can guarantee the operation, smoothness and continuity of our customers even in the event of unforeseen damage.


Our goal is to build a structured, complex insurance system, the constructors of which are primarily our partners, as without their involvement it is not possible to create a contract with a content that really meets their needs.

The secret of our success is that in the framework of continuous consultations, with the help of our clients, we develop the most suitable alternatives for them.

During our acquaintance, we examine the operation of our partners, map out what relevant risks we can identify according to our industry experience and based on our negotiations, and what insurance solutions they require.

After that, we will contact all possible insurance companies (in justified cases, not limited to the participants of the Hungarian insurance market), and based on their feedback, we will present our proposals in our analysis.

All this serves a dual purpose: on the one hand, to achieve the most significant fee reduction available, on the other hand, to expand the coverage content, the “knowledge” of the contracts, and to adjust them to expectations.

Of course, after the start of our cooperation, we consider it our task not only to manage the contracts, but also to keep them up to date, to keep them competitive, and to satisfy the newly emerging needs, as we see this as the key to long-term joint work.

Moreover, in order to be as broad as possible, in which we can support the successful operation and expansion of our partners, our company also undertakes professional assistance in connection with tender writing, which covers all steps from monitoring tender opportunities to developing successful application documents and application administration!

“Aktív kapcsolat, fiatalos lendület és mély szaktudás – együttműködési alapértékeink”

Dénes Sütő  &  Gyula Márton Szabó



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