Free history lessons to support home preparation for graduation

As moving restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus came into effect in early March, our company examined the opportunity to  lend a support to the students who were left without personal counseling  in this unknown situation. We have come to the conclusion that since one of our founders himself has a degree in history as well as educational experience, we put each day during a week on our website one  topic of graduation material recorded and developed in the form of a video.

The popularity of our initiative has surprised even ourselves and although we are not usual average  type you would first imagine as a teacher, the unusual style filled with the right content seems to find the reception and the positive feedback from parents and children. It created a community whose members had been waited day after day for new lesson materials. Nothing might prove all this better than the figures themselves  according to which at the time of writing this article  the videos were viewed by far over twenty thousands in total, and  this data keeps growing. What’s more, quite a few of our viewers demand a sequel! And while we’ve really enjoyed all these shootings, we would stay with our original business profile.


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