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Proposals for industry, commerce and service sector

Being a representative of any segment of the industry, you can expect our company to develop a risk management solution tailored to your specific activities.


Solutions for agriculture

The increased risk characterizes the agricultural activity, so we believe that we can be able to reduce it through our work  contributing to its sustainable operation.


Our industry-independent solutions

Regardless of the nature of the activity the methods listed here can provide a solution to the operational risks of our partners.

About Us

Our journey, our goal

Our experience show that the customized solutions in all areas mean the main value for our partners. Arranging them in a single package we can guarantee the smooth operation. We strive not only to improve the knowledge of our products, but also to be able to learn from all our customers ourselves  so that we can incorporate the acquired knowledge into our services later.


Dénes Sütő &  Gyula Márton Szabó


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